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Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica e il Calcolo Automatico


Associazione Nazionale Aziende Produttrici, Importatrici e Distributrici di prodotti e servizi per l’I.C.T.

2018 BICSI Mainland Europe District Italian Conference & Exhibition

The BICSI “Mainland Europe Conference and Exhibition” will be held on 08 November in Milan, an event entirely dedicated to the Information Technology Systems and Infrastructures, the most important and recognised event in the industry is back in Italy again.

Cabling & Wireless, Spring and BICSI are pleased to present the Mainland Europe edition of the most respected conference in the industry of Information Transport Systems: an event renowned worldwide for delivering delegates with fresh, comprehensive and up to date information along with a unique opportunity of establishing a direct contact with the leaders in the industry and the end users of products, solutions and applications thus extending one’s valuable business relationships network.

The ITS industry encompasses the complete range of physical infrastructures and solutions for the transport of data, voice, video as well as a platform for security, automation and management systems in the commercial, residential and industrial premises and in the data centers. ITS represents a combination of crucial and fundamental technologies that simply work as an enabling factor for every organization, both private and public administration, either manufacturing or delivering services, without which no information and telecommunications system would be able to operate properly.

Event structure

The organization decided to hold the “Mainland Europe Conference and Exhibition” on 08 November in Milan, at Milan Marriott Hotel, on a unique day of cultural events that will surely be of great interest to anyone working in the installation field, design, architecture and network infrastructures within ICT and Data Center.

In the Exhibition hall delegates will take advantage of a direct contact with the technical and commercial European staff leading providers of technology solutions with the chance of getting an insight of the the emerging technologies along with the most promising developments in the industry.

“Live Demo” parallel sessions

As for the previous edition, also this year will be held three 45 min. simultaneous parallel sessions, that will be organized and managed independently. During this slot of time, sponsor can perform live demonstrations of products and services, show videos, deliver featured presentations and host other technical, informational and commercial promotion activities. This time slot is located in the heart of the morning, to exploit the peak of attention and presence of delegates.

The Exhibition area

The BICSI conferences are always associated with an exhibition area where the most qualified industry companies can give an overview about their solutions to a highly-selected audience and have a keen interest in the upgrades and technology innovations that the market can offer.

The “2018 Mainland Europe Conference and Exhibition” rewards those who get informed !

The event that was so successful in the last edition of the BICSI Conference in Italy also returns! An engaging and fun mechanism that rewards the interest and attention to the most significant innovations in the exhibition area. Everyone can participate and it is easy: just answer as many questions as possible on the questionnaire that will be delivered to you.

It will be necessary to “snoop” the booths to collect all the information you need and you do not even have to be lucky: at the end of the day, a ranking will be made based on the number of correct information collected and will be extracted only in case of equality.