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Live Demo

Three special simultaneous monographic sessions of 45 minutes – run directly by the vendors – from which to choose the subject closest to your professional needs

The Live Demo sessions can be booked on request and managed independently by the companies that provide the content. In these self-managed slots sponsors can organize technical seminars, presentations of products and services, display videos, perform live demonstrations and/or host other technical information and promotion activities. The organization will strive, wherever possible, to ensure that sessions cover the topics of greatest interest and importance for the attendance in the three dedicated rooms, according to their professional needs. The program and the contents of individual sessions will be communicated as soon as confirmed by the companies who book these spaces.

Hunt for the information!

Here comes back again, the initiative that has been so successful in the previous edition of BICSI Conference in Italy ! An addictive and fun mechanism that rewards those who demonstrate the highest interest and attention for the most significant innovations proposed in the exhibition. Anyone can participate, it’is very easy: just answer as many as possible of quizzes on the questionnaire that will be distributed at the entrance.

You need not be a skilled technician or a guru, just “browsing” through the booths to collect all the necessary information and you do not even need to be lucky: at the end of the day, in fact, a ranking will be drawn based on the number of correct answer. In case of a tie, a random draw will decide.

The prize for the winner is a fantastic Apple iPad.

Door Prizes

As is tradition, a door price drawing will close the conference and a number of prizes will be awarded to the luckyest ones among the delegates who have attended the entire event. These awards are made available by the sponsors and the organizing companies and include, among others, the precious BICSI manuals !